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Dan Coyle has been touring and making music since 2008. His latest output, a 6-song EP entitled Perfect Word. Perfect Beat. is an especially dynamic record, at once both delicate and exuberant. Dan has performed in major festivals such as The Folk Alliance and has appeared on NBC Live, The ABC Morning Show, and Balcony TV (Germany). Dan has played countless shows across the United States and Canada, including a year-long stretch of performances throughout Europe in 2011. He averages 100 live performances per year, leaving a trail of delighted fans in his wake. He lives in New York City.

A Chronological Telling of Significant Dates & Events in Daniel Coyle’s Life

April 1st, 1982 – Daniel Coyle is born. He is given a middle name: Dallas.

February 1997 – Dan watches the sky and tunes an AM radio. He listens to late night talk shows and thinks about travel, about space exploration, and decides that at some point in a past life, he was a sailor.

October 1997 – Tuning that very same radio, Dan stumbles upon Nat King Cole’s version of “Our Love is Here to Stay.” He no longer regrets his insomnia.

January 1998 – Dan sits and reads in the high school library and dreams about things that are bigger than tiny Churchville, NY. He likes poetry, especially Robert Frost.

September 2000 – Escaping small towns forever, he studies Theater Performance at Niagara University near the Canadian border.

March 2001 – A girlfriend gives Dan his very first acoustic guitar. Suddenly he has a new way to talk about things and he likes it. He likes it so much he learns all the ways the Beatles talk about their things. And the way Paul Simon does, and the way Bob Dylan does, and . . .

May 2004 – Dan graduates and moves to Chicago. 

April 2006 – He starts to write and record songs.

August 2007 – Dan records his debut album in his apartment on Briar Street in Chicago. It’s called “Briar St. Sessions” and was followed up two years later on

June 1st, 2009 – with “Random Thoughts and Incomplete Sentences.” He forgoes all ties to “regular jobs” and tours the country throughout the

Rest of 2009 – madly. He loves the vagabond life and finds himself on Bleecker Street in New York City in

December of 2009 – and thinks that this is as good a place as any to write a new album. He hangs around for the winter and sets out again in the 

Spring of 2010 – in a fateful white van named Betty. Betty dies a terrible death in Moline IL, so Dan returns to New York to record his third album. The album, titled “You Linger Your Little Hour and Are Gone,” was released in 

December 2010 – at which point he recommenced touring, though this time in a place very different from the Midwest: Europe.

February 2011 – Dan begins playing shows throughout that continent, and hopes that you find part of yourself in those melodies.

October 2011 – After eight months of touring Europe, and playing 100+ shows, Dan releases his new album, "From Prague To Paris."

December 2011 – Dan has returned to the U.S. to start his national tour, including most major cities throughout 2012.

February 2012
– One year after launching his incredibly successful European tour, Dan hits the road for a 30+ city U.S. tour.

August 2012 – Dan signs a book deal to tell the story of his life, in music and beyond, which is scheduled to release in September 2013 along with a new album.

November 2012 – Winter Folk, Dan's fifth major album, releases to great critical acclaim from writers and critics. "It is an especially poetic record, at once both delicate and brooding," said one critic.

May 7, 2013 – The Undertow, Dan's sixth major album, releases. It's his first ever album which includes tracks recorded with a full band.

December 10, 2013 – Dan finished his latest tour and makes plans for recording his seventh major album in San Francisco with Scott Mickelson, and finishing his memoir for release in 2014, with author J. Alex Greenwood.

July 10, 2014 – Dan finishes Perfect Word. Perfect Beat. and ushers in the era of The Wonder Thrills.