NYC resident Coyle sometimes refers to his music as "anti-folk," but his latest isn't without Dylanesque and Rhymin' Simon moments. Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee

Rare. Refreshing. Unique. These are words commonly used by critics and fans to describe the performances Dan Coyle and Scott Mickelson have been doing across the country for the past year. Northwest Music Scene

It’s a fresh approach to live music and hopefully a trend that can continue. Alan Federman

Prolific singer/songwriters Dan Coyle and Scott Mickelson stopped by Nectar Lounge to leave listeners laughing, crying, and all around elated here in the center of the universe. Wow. Thank you. Beautiful music. Nectar Lounge his other releases, it is the urban poetry of Coyle's lyrics, and his earnest, authentic delivery, that really drive the record. His lyrics are thoughtful and evocative and never sink to the doldrums of coffee shop pretension. "Back Around", for instance, is a minor masterpiece that details a casual, yet somehow timeless love affair, that even Conner Oberst would admire. 8th-Circuit Network {Music Review}

Coyle’s musical and songwriting styles are simple, straightforward and soothing, and he plies his craft with care. He’s also a fan of musician Josh Ritter, and certainly Ritter’s influence can be felt if only subtly, on songs like “Back Around” and “Something’s Changed.” Musical News & Views

There is something to be said about the untold pleasures of one man and his guitar. It's risky because there is no safety net. The latest by Dan Coyle is a supreme example of how to get it done. Nothing more than a heartfelt lyric, an emotional voice and a simple backing of an acoustic guitar. Beautiful.  Lewis English: Reviews

In May of 2013, Dan Coyle released his sixth album, an EP, The Undertow, and for the first time in his career, this solo acoustic songwriter has teamed up with a band to create an EP with a twist. Each song is featured twice, once with the band, and then again by Mr. Coyle alone. It’s a twist that could go bad for the listeners depending on the strength of the songs, and lucky for Mr. Coyle, his songs are strong. WordKrapht

There are thousands of singer-songwriters out there, plying their trade in coffee-shops, clubs and concert venues across America, but every now and then one stands out from the pack… DAN COYLE is an example of someone who becomes memorable because of his sheer intensity of focus – it’s just him and his guitar and a bunch of earnestly poetic songs. You start to listen casually, then suddenly realize you have been drawn into his world...Roderick Deacey of Brewer's Alley, Frederick MD

When it comes to making music, Dan Coyle is a machine. The Albuquerque Journal
There's so many singer-songwriters out there, it's easy to dismiss the ones that don't "make it big". This is a big-time song from an NYC journeyman.Tincanman, The Spill Music Blog referring to Dan's song Back Around
This is the best thing I've heard for a while. I love the line "Sketch me how you see me and you know that I can come to life in front of you." Wonderful writing. Earworms Music Blog, Comments referring to Dan's song Back Around
Fun and upbeat, yet melodic and relaxed - this album will make you feel like you've been touring from city to city, night after night, playing shows for enthusiastic crowds of unknown people from far away places. Great Indie Music
No wonder his fans recommend him, because of all Dan Coyle has to offer with his music.His voice clear, full of feeling, and truly takes up the mood of his songs; sometimes  melancholic as in "Something's Changed", sometimesin the style of the French laissez-faire as in"C'est La Vie". His development, since he started touring in 2008, was heard at the concert well. With his new album "From Prague To Paris", Coyle syncs voice and guitar perfectly, so that these two elements of his music support each other completely. The music is subtle, sophisticated and harmonious, even in such disharmony with strategically placed "Pelito Menagerie". The audience received Coyle extremely well, with vibrant applause after each song. Von Rahayu Soegiono, MAIN-SPITZE
If the title for Daniel Coyle's new album "From Prague to Paris" sounds like an ode to travel, well, it is. Coyle wrote the album while on a year-long tour of Europe, and the theme of movement permeates throughout each of these ten songs. Tracks like "These Times," "C'est La Vie," and "The Day" have the airy assonance of a carefree rover, and Coyle's earnest lyrics only add to the charm. This recording is often imbued with a cheerful musicality, but Coyle impressed this listener most with the quick picking and strumming of "Pelito Menagerie" - a moodily evocative piece with appropriately picturesque lyrics. Even for a genre that is frequently being remade, "From Prague to Paris" is a refreshing folk album, with Coyle modernizing the familiar theme of being on the road with his energetic talent.  Jessica Kulick, Of Revolt
His fragile vocal style combines beautifully with some outstanding guitar picking and strumming and he shows great versatility in his songwriting from the light, airy Listen Closely Now to the heartfelt emotion of I Adore You. His album, You Linger Your Little Hour And Are Gone, is excellent.  Icarus Club, Acoustic Heaven

Dan sought to take his fresh songs and give them an old feel.  The answer that he came up with was to record this album completely acoustic and live. In front of a very enthusiastic audience, Dan recorded his latest album while putting on a phenomenal show; the album itself really tells the story.  Scrumpy's Music Magazine, UK

Folksinger Dan Coyle's new album "You Linger Your Little Hour And Are Gone" is a collection of refreshing fluid vocal sounds accompanied by soft syncopated acoustic guitar rhythms. Coyle's proof of talent is marked by very tastefully written lyrics in each song. Overall I find this album very mellow, poetic, and joyous album.  Nina Ȑogȕe Ȑoșș ™

Coyle fits nicely between folk insight and a clever musicality that avoided minor chords where you'd ordinarily expect them, like when he covered Simon & Garfunkel's "Homeward Bound." Perhaps this added to his overall upbeat demeanor and charm. Coyle was pleasant and genuinely shy, but came out strong with the start of each new song. I liked him. Rochester City Newspaper

When you listen to the recent work of Chicago-based singer/songwriter Dan Coyle, you get the feeling he’s got a knack for spotting the silver lining in whatever gray cloud life puts over his head.  Blake Hannon, News Press Now

His technique makes it sound like more than just the guitar.  Grabs the listener right away.  Lead male vocal sings with an ease that is soothing, almost reminiscent of Jason Mraz.  Nice vocal tone.  Poignant lyrics such as: 'your hand touches mine without any explanation, your world collides with mine without any complications'. Perocon (Maine)

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